About Me!

A little bit about why I started this business...


I started creating videos online on Youtube & Tiktok about 2 years ago now! My videos are all about living with type one diabetes (all the way from blood sugar checks, to a low blood sugar snack haul)! 


I have been having a lot of fun spreading awareness on type 1 diabetes, trying to end negative stereotypes/stigmas, and creating a community for myself and others living with diabetes. I try to do all this with fun, relatable and positive videos... but don't worry I share the daily frustrations that I have with diabetes, because there are a lot of them!


When I began making content online, my followers/subscribers (all of you wonderful people!) started suggesting different devices, products, stickers etc! I never even thought about decorating my devices with stickers, but now I can't stop! I think being confident about wearing your devices out and not having to worry about hiding them is important- honestly they show how strong you are by doing what you do everyday with T1D!


My main message of selling these stickers are, You don't have to feel like you need to buy these stickers to wear them out in the open (some people don't like to, and that's totally fine, everybody's different!) however, why not change your mindset from, "dang, I have to change my cgm it just expired," to "i'm excited to see what sticker i can put on when I change my CGM today." 


Love you all & thank you for being here!



Huge shoutout to my incredible designer Greg for this project at Thorne Creative! He was able to bring every creative vision I had to life in the best way possible.



All photos taken by Kaleena Lindsay Photography, you can check her out on Instagram: @kaleenalindsayphotography (she's fantastic, such a fun experience with her)!